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Scott Carpenter Park Baseball Daily Field Maintenance Responsibilities

Players’ Responsibilities (after every game and practice):

  • Repair pitching mounds and home plate area

  • Water infield dirt area

  • Rake and clear weeds from 1st and 3rd base running paths

  • Rake and clear weeds from walk-up paths

  • Remove and secure bases and put in base plugs

  • Cover mounds and home plate area with tarps and secure with rocks

  • Sweep out both home and visitor dugouts (including under bench)

  • Clear all trash in both dugouts

  • Empty all HALF full trash cans and recycle bins into larger trash and recycle receptacles

  • Keep tool area, dugout closet, garage and closet between bathrooms organize


Coaches’ Responsibilities (after every game):

  • At least one coach stays to supervise players to complete their responsibilities

  • Screen drag infield.  Nail drag when required.

  • Lock all gates around entire facility at the end of the day

  • Turn off all lights


Parents’ Responsibilities (after every game):

  • Close down concession stand – All food items must be sealed in bins

  • Keep concession closet clean – Sweep and wipe down counters

  • Clean grill and grilling tools – close or cover grill – close propane tank

  • Clean press box - floor, counter and empty trash

  • Restock refrigerator

  • Clean men’s and women’s restrooms including toilets, sink and counter

  • Sweep both restrooms thoroughly

  • Empty trash cans in both restrooms

  • Check to see if toilet paper or hand soap needs refilling

  • Bring in the flag

  • Sweep off bleachers

  • Pick up trash under bleachers and on pavement area