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Want to baseball in college, but unsure of the options or how to prepare yourself?

Diamond Baseball of Boulder can help.

Many Diamond Baseball of Boulder players have gone on to play college baseball. Our goal is to provide local, practical and affordable assistance to players who want to prepare to play college baseball. A few of our resources:

Recruiting & Self-Marketing

The bottom line is players need to own their recruiting process. See Ari & Brett's Recruiting Notes for Details.

  • Keep your grades up and PREPARE for ACT / SAT. Being a well-rounded student with good grades and test scores will give you a competitive advantage, increase your chances of being accepted into more colleges and provide opportunities for academic scholarships and financial aid. (DI schools only offer 11.7 baseball scholarships, DII schools offer 9 and DIII schools offer NO athletic scholarships. However, most schools offer academic scholarships.) Good grades also show college coaches that you can balance academics and athletics.
  • Consider your overall college priorities. Think about all aspects of your college experience including geography, finances, academics, social aspects, and school size. What schools are a good fit for you even if you are not playing a varsity sport? See the BHS Counseling Department for more information.
  • Do the math. Consider colleges where you will develop and play. According to Scholarship Stats, only 2% of high school baseball varsity players will play at the DI level. Of high school varsity players who go on to play college baseball, over 80% play at the DII, DIII, NAIA and junior college levels. Consider colleges where you can compete with the current starters and recruits. College club teams are also a good alternative to stay involved in your sport in college.
  • Do your research. Create a list of target colleges based on the priorities you've established. List schools in several categories - stretch, attainable and safe bet. Request admissions information and fill out recruiting forms for target schools to show coaches that you are interested in their school, not just baseball.
  • Become NCAA eligible.  http://www.ncaa.org/student-athletes/future
  • Market yourself. This includes contacting target schools' assistant coaches with a short email featuring your academic and athletic accomplishments and potential. Include a link to a highlight video demonstrating your baseball form. Follow up with a phone call.
    • Be persistent with your target schools. College coaches are busy and get hundreds of emails from interested players. Those who are most persistent and a good fit for the school (academically and athletically) will rise to the top.
    • Once you have a positive response from coaches at schools you are targeting, work with the coach to determine best way for them to see you live. That may be at a showcase or camp the school will be hosting or visiting.
    • Ask your current coaches to call top target coaches and be a reference for you. They may also know coaches at your target colleges and can help get them to look at your highlight video and transcripts.
  • Select the right summer program.
    • Check the facts on the program's actual placements with former players.
    • Colorado players are disadvantaged by our shorter playing season. What is the development and game schedule for the summer program? How will the program help you develop to become a better baseball player so that you can compete at next level?
    • Are the coaches profiting by your desire to play in college or are they genuinely committed to helping you develop and find the best school for you?
    • If you're not a DI prospect (only 2% of high school varsity baseball players are), will your coaches still help you develop and find a place to play?
  • DBoB Marketing assistance. Our coaches will actively mentor you through this process by:
    • Meeting with you to help you create an individual path for college
    • Using FieldLevel and our network to connect you with college coaches
    • Offering an affordable local assessment program (same assessments college coaches look for and showcases charge hundreds of dollars) and and helping you create highlight videos college coaches will watch.

Additional College Resources

Sample Camps / Showcases

Boulder High Baseball College Athletes

Former Boulder High Varsity & DBoB Baseball Legion A players who played college athletics.

Class of 2016

  • Luke Feigal - St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN
  • Isaac Parks - Maryville University, St. Louis MO
  • Adam Stowe - University of Puget Sound, Tacoma WA
  • Jordan Wardell - Maryville University, St. Louis MO

Class of 2015

Class of 2014

Class of 2013

Class of 2012

Class of 2011

Class of 2010

Class of 2009

Class of 2008

 Class of 2007 

Prior Classes

Colorado Baseball Colleges

See NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA for a complete listing of college baseball programs.

Division I

United States Air Force Academy

University of Northern Colorado Bears

Division II

Colorado School of Mines, Golden, RMAC
Colorado State University-Pueblo, RMAC
Mesa State College, Grand Junction, RMAC
Metropolitan State College of Denver, RMAC
Regis University (Colorado), Denver, RMAC
Colorado Christian, Lakewood, RMAC

Colorado Community Colleges

Lamar CC, Lamar
CNCC, Rangely
NJC, Sterling
TSJC, Trinidad
OJC, Otero